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Sientra high-strength silicone gel implants


The FDA  approved the use of high-strength silicone gel breast implants from Sientra -- offering women an important, more natural looking and feeling option in breast implants.

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Here's Why it is Important to you...

These new products are ONLY available for use by surgeons who are board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This insures women who choose the new implant will receive the finest implementation of the Sientra product, and the best possible results.

Dr. Greg Ratliff is among a select group of board-certified plastic surgeons chosen by Sientra to provide expert knowledge on the use and outcomes of these innovative products.

Women who are interested in learning if the new silicone implants are a good choice for them can arrange a complimentary visit with Dr. Ratliff by calling the Plastic Surgery Center of Tulsa at (918) 712-0888.

What Makes This Product Different?

The Sientra implants received FDA approval in March 2012. Their advantages include the opportunity to give women a more realistic and rounder shaped breast. They are also available in textured and smooth surfaces, and in moderate and high projection shapes.

A unique feature of the Sientra implant is that it is constructed from high-strength silicone gel, a substance that is more viscous than other products.

This offers women some important advantages:

  • Shape Retention - The composition of Sientra's high-strength silicone gel makes the implant hold its shape far more readily than implants composed of less dense material.
  • Leak Resistance - While the possibility that a breast implant could leak into the surrounding breast tissue is of concern to many women, the cohesiveness of the Sientra high-strength silicone gel implant make it more resistant to rupture than other implants.
  • Natural Appearance - Products like the Sientra implant have been available outside the United States for many years. They have been used successfully by women who placed a high priority on maintaining a natural appearance after breast augmentation surgery. Now, the advantages of this technology are available to women in this country through board-certified plastic surgeons who offer the new high-strength silicone gel breast Implant from Sientra


To learn if the Sientra implant is a good choice for you, call the Plastic Surgery Center of Tulsa, (918) 712-0888, for a visit with Dr. Ratliff about your individual needs.