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Mommy Makeover Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I am a good candidate for a mommy makeover?

The easiest way is to come in for a free consultation. That gets you the most information in the shortest period of time. Generally speaking, each area of the body needs to be evaluated on its own. For example, you may only need breast implants and not a lift, or you may need so much lift that the implants have to go in three months later to allow the breast to heal between procedures. The abdomen procedure needed (liposuction or tummy tuck) is more related to the amount of excess skin and the laxity of the abdominal muscle wall.

Why is it best to have these procedures at one time instead of individually?

The best reason to combine is to minimize recovery time. It’s not that you heal any faster, it’s that you only go through the process once. A tummy tuck, breast lift and breast implants each requires 7-10 days to comfortably get back to a desk job and longer for more physical work. And since we’re talking Moms here, it’s a physical job! Doing the procedures separately then requires 21-30 days of total off time from your life, as compared with 7-10 days when combined.

The second reason is anesthesia risk. The riskiest time of anesthesia is the going to sleep and the waking up. The period while you’re under is the most stable. So, having one anesthetic (one go to sleep and one wakeup) is better than doing them all separate (three and three).

My children are still very young, should I still consider a Mommy Makeover now?

In a word, yes! Although you make think you are busy now, wait until they are all in soccer, ballet, football, after school stuff, etc., etc. My last one is leaving for college this year and I am starting to see light at the end of the tunnel. Young children do need Mommy more, so the recovery period requires some additional help for you, but most kids understand mommy’s “ouchie” and actually like to help you for a change!

In addition, you will heal faster while you are younger and you get to enjoy the benefits of the makeover for longer, until advancing “maturity” gets you.

How long after having my last baby should I wait to have a Mommy Makeover?

Let your body get back to as close to normal as possible. Lose as much of your weight gain as you can (stability for 3 months is a good guideline), stop breastfeeding so the breasts return to normal (2-3 months after stopping) and exercise to get your cardio status back to pre-baby. Most Moms are usually back to near normal by 4-5 months with the exception of breastfeeding.

I still plan to have more children. Should I consider a Mommy Makeover now?

It depends on how long you’re planning to wait. If the interval between children is 2-3 years, you should think about putting it off, since by the time you heal you’ll be pregnant or trying again! On the other hand, if you had children young and aren’t planning to have more for several years, enjoy a restored look for those years.

If you are planning more children, there is a change to the tummy tuck procedure. Because the repair involves putting the midline muscle back together with sutures and it’s this area that stretches the most with pregnancy, a Mommy Makeover in women anticipating more children is limited to tightening only the skin and is somewhat less effective. It’s a compromise that allows a much improved look, but preserves the pregnancy option.

Also, most women can still breastfeed after implants or a lift. The success rate is not quite as high as before these procedures, but it’s certainly still an option you keep.

How long does a complete Mommy Makeover take (the actual surgeries)?

This will vary with the combination needed. All three together (implants, lift and tummy tuck) will take 4-5 hours of time in the operating room and another hour or so in the recovery room before you head for home.

How long is the recovery period if I have all three procedures together?

Recovery is a progressive thing. The first 10-14 days you are on “House Arrest”, limited to moving around the house. The next two weeks you can walk for exercise, work a desk job and be primary caretaker for kids, although you are limited to <20 pounds lifting. Weeks 5 and 6 allow more vigorous exercise with no pounding or bouncing (think running and aerobics). After 8 weeks you are free to do anything. It may make you sore, but it is very difficult to tear anything loose at this point.

Will my scars from the Mommy Makeover be visible.

Yes, but they will be strategically located to be hidden in clothes, even in a two piece swim suit (except the belly button). Most scars will stay red for up to 9 months, but eventually fade to white.

Will I need to return to your office for follow-up visits?

Our usual routine includes visits at 4 days, 7-10 days, 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months and 6 months. For our far out of town patients, we encourage you to stay in town for the first week and can do the remainder with phone calls and e-mailed pictures if all is going well. If things are not as expected, you may have to make a trip back for evaluation and further treatment.

Can I have breast augmentation without having a breast lift?

Absolutely. If you don’t need a breast lift you don’t get one. Breasts that are up on the chest wall and have only lost volume can be treated with implants alone. However, the reverse is not true; if you need a breast lift but only want implants the answer is no because the result is aesthetically awful. Implants can only push forward and are placed on the chest where the breast is supposed to be. If your breast mass is lower than that, it ends up hanging off the front of the implant and looks pretty bad (think Snoopy’s nose).

How much weight should I lose before having a Mommy Makeover?

The guideline we use is to be within 10% of your goal weight. For example, if your goal is 150 pounds, 10% is 15 pounds. Any weight below 165 pounds allows further loss down to the goal of 150 without compromising the surgery result.

Will I need to wear special clothing after the surgeries?

We provide all of the garments for the immediate postop period. They can be bulky and require the use of your “fat clothes” wardrobe. Some people choose to switch to spandex body suits (e.g. Spanx) for week 4-6. These are available at local department stores.

Will I lose any sensation where the surgery is performed?

Some skin areas will be numb postop, but this usually resolves within the first year. The one exception is the nipple/areola area, which has about a 2% chance of sensation being permanently lost. The nipple has only one nerve supplying it, and if that nerve is cut or stretched, all sensation is lost. Unfortunately, where the nerve exits the ribs is somewhat unpredictable, so sparing the nerve is not always possible.

Do you offer a Daddy makeover for my husband?

No special pricing, but if he had a sympathy weight gain of 50-60 pounds, some liposuction might be useful!

Is it ok if I call it a Granny Makeover?

Sure. If 50 is the new 40, what’s in a name? Looking good knows no boundaries!

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