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COVID-19 Information From Dr. Ratliff

As the COVID-19 situation continues to develop, we encourage you to view this area of our site for situation updates specific to our practice, Inject, an Aesthetics Bar, and our community.

Please do all that you can to stay safe and help out others in any way you can.

~Dr. Greg Ratliff

NEW Masking, August 19, 2021

The CDC is once again recommending masks in enclosed spaces, such as our waiting and exam rooms.

We will be complying with this professionally and recommend that you do as well, even if vaccinated, as Oklahoma's vaccination rate is still below 40%, which puts over 60% of our patients at risk of infection.

Masks are available at the front desk.


Dr. Ratliff

Masking May 3, 2021

The city's mask mandate died Friday (April 30) night. However, Oklahoma's vax rate is 28% for two shots and 36% if you add the one shot people.

The statistics: We see 20-30 people a day if you add in spouses, etc. That's 80-120 contacts a week in small rooms for 30-45 minutes. At the current vax rate, it's 85-100 contacts with potential infected/carriers, which may be old or new variants, with variable protection from having had the disease or the vaccine.

I am recommending staff continue wearing masks and recommending patients do the same until the numbers get better. Recommending is not requiring, but the numbers are what they are.

Be safe. Be well!

Dr. Ratliff

An update from Dr. Ratliff, October 2, 2020

It is hard to believe this is where we are six months after the beginning of this COVID adventure. We have certainly made some adjustments in the way we do things. Our patients and staff have all been so good about respecting others and making sure we are keeping each other safe!

We have been seeing patients at Plastic Surgery Center of Tulsa throughout this whole adventure, but we began scheduling and doing elective surgeries on May 1. Inject, the medical spa, also reopened on May 1.

Since that time, on the plastic surgery side of the practice, we have become really quite good at doing virtual visits and consults using Facetime, Google Duo and other video chat applications. It has been quite an adjustment, to be sure, but we felt this was an important feature to offer our patients. These services are still available, however, more and more of our patients are actually coming into the office on both the surgery and spa sides.

We continue to have appropriate protection protocols in place and are following all of the recommendations and requirements set forth by Tulsa, the State of Oklahoma and the CDC. Everyone who comes to the office has a temperature check and personal protective equipment, including masks and hand sanitizer, are readily available. To abide by social distancing recommendations, we ask if you are visiting either of our practices for a procedure that does not involve sedation, that you come to our office by yourself. If you are having a procedure that requires sedation, please bring only one person with you. That person can wait in our waiting area, but may be asked to wait in his or her vehicle if the waiting area gets too crowded to maintain social distance. If you are having surgery, we ask that the person you bring with you be the person who is going to be taking care of you when you leave the facility. We will give these caregivers instructions and training that is very important in your recovery.

And finally, we just want you to know that Dr. Ratliff and the entire staff take your health and safety very serious and we have taken every precaution to ensure that our facility is safe for you. Thanks for your continued understanding in these rather difficult times and we are certainly hoping for easier times in the near future!

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