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Weight loss prior to body contouring surgery?

I wanna talk a little bit about weight loss before body contouring surgery. We do BodyTite®, liposuction, tummy tucks, all kinds of body contouring procedures and a common question is, “What weight should I be?” or “Do I need to lose weight before I do this stuff?”

And the answer is, yes, if you have a lot of weight to lose you’re better to lose the weight before. The rule of thumb that we use is what’s called a ten percent rule and that’s if you’re gonna change your body weight by more than ten percent, you should do that before the procedure. Because, after the procedure, if you lose a big amount of weight your skin gets loose again and it’s not as tight as it would have been otherwise. Ten percent is exactly what it sounds like. If your goal is 150 pounds, ten percent is 15 pounds, so you have a 15 pound window on either side of 150. That’s157 ½ and 142 ½. Anywhere in that range, you’ll be okay.