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How can I keep my breasts firm after a lift surgery?

So, I wanna talk a little bit about breast lift surgery and some common misconceptions that go with the breast lift. Main thing is the actual texture of the breast does not change with the breast lift. If you think about how breasts are before kids, before you have children, they’re firm and they hold themselves up with that internal firmness. After kids and breastfeeding, with or without breastfeeding, just the act of pregnancy and shrinking back down, the tissue gets a lot mushier and so it doesn’t have that internal consistency to hold itself up.

A breast lift is not at all designed to increase the firmness. It is to reposition the breast back up on the chest, reposition the nipple and the gland and then you’re relying on the skin, you tighten the skin around that to hold it up and the skin is what’s holding everything. So, if you’re looking to get firmer, a lift is not really gonna do that, if you’re just looking to get things lifted back up, then a lift is the right choice. You won’t be disappointed with those results.