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Should Implants Move or Change Position and Feel Uncomfortable

Implants moving after a breast augmentation or after a replacement surgery for old implants, is absolutely normal. And how much you feel that movement varies widely from person to person. Some people stop feeling their implants after 6, 8 weeks. Some people feel their implants for years. The biggest problem that I have with implants where people can feel them down the road usually is related to the silicone implants that have a seal on the back. I don’t know if it shows up well on the video, but on this implant, there’s a little button right here and that little button is so when the implant goes in, I can put my finger in and make sure that the back is on the back, indeed, instead of it being flipped. But if that little button happens to be right at the junction with the rib, it may rub over the edge of the rib and you can feel it occasionally when it pops over that rib edge. It’s not dangerous. It’s generally not painful. It’s just odd. And some people get used to it, some people don’t. But movement of implants is a necessary thing because breasts move. If your implants just sit there, they look really, really fake. So, movement is just part of having implants. Sometimes you feel it, sometimes you don’t.