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Breast Implants or Implants & Lift -- How Do I Know?

Patient with diagrams measuring breast

This is one of the most common issues we address with our patients. Often, a patient will come in requesting implants, but in reality, to get the look she desires, needs a lift as well.

That means there are actually two procedures we need to do to meet her goals.

We would like to use some patient before and after images to demonstrate some of the results that were experienced by our patients.

Of course, we will discuss this with you in detail during your initial consultation, but we hope this visual presentation will help you have a better preliminary understanding of where you are currently.

It starts with the numbers

We will take several measurements, which will help determine what procedure(s) and options will help you achieve the look you desire.

Breast Augmentation and Lift Animation

Before and After

Below are before and after images of women who had surgery performed at Plastic Surgery Center of Tulsa. In order to achieve the best outcomes, the women in the first group needed to have a short-scar breast lift and implants (done at the same time). The women in the second group were determined to be borderline as to whether or not they needed a lift with implants, and they opted for implants only.

Patients needing short-scar lift with implants

Patient 1
Patient 1 front view before Patient 1 front view after Patient 1 side view before Patient 1 side view after
Patient 2
Patient 2 front view before Patient 2 front view after Patient 2 side view before Patient 2 side view after
Patient 3
Patient 3 front view before Patient 3 front view after Patient 3 side view before Patient 3 side view after

What Does that Mean for Cost?

Adding a lift to the breast implant procedure is not a small addition. The lift increases operating room time significantly (2 hours). You can anticipate an additional $5000 cost when the lift is added to the breast implant procedure.

Patients for whom the short-scar lift was optional, but chose implants only.

Patient 1
Patient 1 implants only front before Patient 1 implants only front after Patient 1 implants only side before Patient 1 implants only side after
Patient 2
Patient 2 implants only front before Patient 2 implants only front after Patient 2 implants only side before Patient 2 implants only side after
Patient 3
Patient 3 implants only front before Patient 3 implants only front after Patient 3 implants only side before Patient 3 implants only side after

What will my scar look like?

This is another common question we get asked. The scarring does vary a little bit and it changes over time. Most of the before and after images on our site were taken six weeks post surgery. Below, you will see the results of two patients, one at 12 months and one at 9 months, which demonstrate more mature scars..

12-Month Scar Recovery

12-month recover - before 12 month scar recover at 6 weeks 12 month scar recovery
Before Lift 6 Weeks After Surgery 12 Months After Surgery

9-Month Scar Recovery

9 month scar recovery before 6 months after surgery scar recovery scar recovery after nine months
Before Lift 6 Months After Surgery 9 Months After Surgery