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Plastic Surgery Center of Tulsa

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Providing us with images of yourself may help us determine the results you can expect from your surgery, even before you arrive in Tulsa.

Send us digital images via the Internet or send photographs to Plastic Surgery Center of Tulsa. Follow the instructions below to learn more about getting the best images to help us do a preconsultation review prior to coming into the office.

Getting Your Pictures to Us

If you use a digital camera, you may upload your photos to us in either JPG or GIF format, using the Preconsultation Form. If you do not have access to a digital camera, or if you would rather not send the digital images via e-mail, you may print the images out and send them to Plastic Surgery Center of Tulsa, 2107 East 15th Street Tulsa, OK 74104. Please be sure to include your name, age, a complete description of your surgical goals, and contact information.

Taking the Picture

We recommend you have your picture taken against a solid color background, preferably white. A light-colored wall with no decorations works well, or you may want to hang up a sheet and use it as a backdrop.

Make sure the body part for which you are seeking plastic surgery is well lit. You may need to bring in a lamp or an additional light source to balance the light in the area. Also make sure there is not a strong light source behind the background or backdrop against which you are having your picture taken. Your body should be well lit, but not so bright that your image begins to washout in the photograph.

To get the most detailed image, you will need to remove any clothing from the area you want treated. Do not slouch or thrust forward when the picture is taken. Your arms should be at your sides, unless they will obstruct our view of the area you wish to have treated. Take a vertical photograph and be sure to include enough of your body for us to make some preliminary assessments. We will need a front view image, as well as an image from each side. Always take more than one shot in each position so you can select the best image.