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Common Questions Addressed by Dr. Ratliff

Use the library of common questions below to get more information on different procedures. Dr. Ratliff has responded to these broad questions conceptually. If you would like individual medical information specifically addressing an issue regarding your health or your treatment plan, please call our office at 918-712-0888 and set up a free initial consultation.

Breast Implants/Augmenation

How Large is too Large When it Comes to Implants?

Minimizing the Chances of Breast Implant Rippling

Should Implants Move or Change Position and Feel Uncomfortable?

Textured vs. Smooth Implants

Achieving the Upper Pole and Cleavage You Want

Breast Have Different Shapes and Nipple Placement

Gurgling Noise After Breast Augmentation

Where is the Best Incision Point for Breast Implants?

Can somebody tell me about Gummy Bear implants?

What about scar treatment after surgery?

Should I be wearing a compression band for my breasts?

Can someone please tell me the pros and cons of silicone and saline implants?

Can you still get breast implants if you have metal allergies?

How soon can I go back to work after getting breast implants?

Timing of breast implants and having children?

Do I need breast implants or implants and a lift?

Is a 25cc increase in volume noticeable?

Is there something I can do or use to prevent stretch marks after surgery?

Tell me about dual plane placement of implants

Breast Lift

How can I keep my breasts firm after a lift surgery?

Body Contouring

**New** What is BodyTite?

**New** Drainless Tummy Tucks

What Type of Procedures are Available for Body Contouring?

Abdominal Repair Surgery

How can I flatten my stomach after a c-section?

Should I lose weight prior to scheduling my body contouring procedure?

Facial Procedures

BOTOX vs Fillers?

Mommy Makeover

What is the recovery time after having a Mommy Makeover?

General Questions

What's the difference Between a Cosmetic Surgeon and a Plastic Surgeon?

Scar Treatment After Surgery