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What types of Procedures are Available for Body Contouring?

If you want to change your body shape, there is a whole buffet of things available these days, ranging from things that will simply make your skin swell and make it look a little tighter, all the way up to things like a tummy tuck where you actually cut and tailor the skin to make it tighter. The most common things that everybody thinks about are liposuction and the surgical procedures.

Liposuction has a new twist that’s called BodyTite. BodyTite is a thermal technique where there is a probe into the fat and a probe on the surface of the skin that heats the fat, heats the skin, and it actually will shrink the connections between the skin and the muscle to tighten the skin down and it will shrink the surface area of the skin up to 30, 35 percent. So for areas in your body, like your inner thighs, that have real thin skin, that after liposuction tend to just hang more, they don’t really tighten up much. BodyTite has changed the game on how that’s done because it can actually shrink the skin. We can get good results with lipo, where before you would have had to go in and make an incision to remove that extra skin.

The other place that BodyTite has worked real well…Bat wings, back of arms. Now, if you are hanging down like this, it’s not going to fix that. But, if you’re in between, whether you really want a big incision to tighten it up, or if you want it to be just tighter, this is a new mode of treatment that will actually work and get you a good result. Surgery is still the “gold standard” If you are going to tighten the skin, there is nothing that beats taking out the extra. But there’s a ton of other stuff and the only way you are ever going to know about all of it, and really know which one might be best for you, is to get a consultation. Go in and talk to the surgeon. Talk to several surgeons, because it is a sad but true fact, that whoever’s got a machine, that’s the right thing for everybody that comes in. And that’s simply not right. Go to somebody that does a lot of different modes. Let them recommend something and you are more likely to get a good recommendation.