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Going back to work after breast implants

So, the question is about going back to work and working as a waitress in a restaurant where you're carrying trays and ice buckets and having to do things that involve your arms pretty extensively. The simple reality is that you can go back to things like that usually, pretty safely, within two weeks.

The first couple of weeks, the big risk is bleeding. You don't want to bleed around the implants and that's gonna be if you use your upper body. But, after that, there's still a time period where, especially if the implants are underneath the pectoralis muscle, you can't really use that muscle. So, the example that I give my patients, is that if you have to wipe down a table you're easily gonna be able to go this way with the wipe, but going this way is not going to happen. So you're gonna modify the behavior so you wipe, and then wipe, and you don't use the pec muscles. Picking up things is all in your back. It's not these muscles. But, having to manipulate a plate across three people without dropping it may require some contraction of this.

Two weeks is usually enough to get that; ask your surgeon what his preferences are but that's kind of the ballpark when people could go back to a modestly heavy activity like waiting tables.