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Timing of breast implants and having children

So, the question is about timing of breast implants with having children, and, you can have them before, you can do it in the middle of having twelve kids or you could do it after you’re all done.

There’s no right or wrong answer with that; other than to say, if you’re gonna have kids within the next year, then probably you shouldn’t be doing implants. Because what’s gonna happen is that you’re gonna change with the implants and then you’re gonna really change with pregnancy. You probably just want to wait and repair the baby damage down the road...do the implants then. On the other hand, if it’s gonna be three years, five years, a long period of time,
absolutely get the implants, enjoy them, have a good time, then have kids.

The implants don’t change breastfeeding. They don’t change anything about the way the breast functions. So, you can have implants and then have kids later.