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How can I flatten my stomach after a c-section?

The question is about flattening a stomach after C-Section. The issue with C-Sections is that the muscles, if you just think about the six-pack muscles running up and down the middle of your abdomen, they get cut across the bottom and then they get stitched back together and that’s how the C-Section happens. You can’t contract those muscles after delivery and so they don’t
pull back to the midline and that leaves a gap in between called the “diastasis.”

Big deal. It’s a spread between the muscles. No matter how toned you make those muscles, that spot in the middle has no muscle support and so, you squeeze in from the sides and you buldge in the middle. So, if you’ve ever tried to do a sit-up and you look down and it looks like there’s this sausage coming out of the middle of your abdomen, that’s a diastasis. The only way to fix that is a tummy tuck. You can’t exercise it away, you can’t get rid of it. You just have to stitch those muscles back together. That’s part of what you’re asking about with the C-Section.

The second issue with C-Sections is that a lot of times the scar is going to stick down to the muscle and that as you get more mature, as you get older, the skin gets looser and it just folds over that scar and you can’t make that go away either. So, what you have to do is take the scar out, lift the skin up, pull it down and cut off the extra so now you don’t have the puckered adherent scar and you have a flatter stomach. So a tummy tuck essentially is combining those two concepts. It’s tightening the skin, but it’s also repairing the muscle underneath that was damaged during pregnancy.