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Gurgling Noise After Breast Augmentation

After breast augmentation, many people come in and say, “I hear noises. I hear gurgles in my breasts. What’s going on?”

The short answer is that there is air always trapped in the pocket that you put the implant in with, and that air gets absorbed, but it can take weeks for that to totally go away. That’s the most common reason for the gurgling sound. It’s not bad. It’s not evil. The only downside of air trapped in there can come with flying too early afterwards, where when you go up in the airplane and the cabin pressure goes up to 6 or 7,000 feet, like on a commercial airliner, that air will expand and it will maybe hurt.

That’s the number 1 reason for gurgling noises these days. The secondary reason for gurgling noises is if you have a saline implant and the person who put that saline implant in was not meticulously careful about not getting any air inside the implant when it was filled up, that air never goes away. It stays inside the implant and that can have gurgling noises years after the surgery. So if you have saline implants and you are gurgling 3 months out, you need to talk to your surgeon about maybe reexamining the implants. If you’re gurgling 2 or 3 weeks out and it’s a silicone implant, it’s just air. It’ll go away.