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Preventing Stretch Marks After Surgery

Alright, I wanna talk a little bit about stretch marks. Everybody is concerned with stretch marks coming, particularly after something like a breast  augmentation where there’s a big amount of stretch of the tissue and people that have had kids that have stretch marks or a big amount of weight loss... and the reality is stretch marks are somewhat genetically determined. If you have bad skin it’s gonna get stretch marks - it’s gonna get stretch marks. You can’t prevent them, but you can do things that will help and moisturizing your skin is far and away the best thing to do. Vitamin E oil sometimes will help to diminish the amount of stretch marks that you get, but as far as treating stretch marks, there’s simply no FDA approved treatment for stretch marks. There’s
a lot of stuff out there. There’s lasers, there’s this, there’s that. All of these treatments rely on making the skin swell, which makes the stretch mark look better. But, after the swelling goes away, the stretch mark is still there and it comes right back. So don’t be fooled by that stuff. There simply isn’t anything that’s a long term cure...yet. We’re all crossing fingers and hoping, but so far, nothing.