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I had a breast enlargement prior to my tummy tuck. It was a gift to myself for losing 60 lbs. I still wasn't happy with the way my body looked after having my daughter. I had a very saggy tummy, expanded tummy muscles and sad belly button. It was interfering with my self-confidence and happiness. I had the surgery and it was better than I could have ever imagined. He was able to remove 5.5 lbs of fat and skin. He gave me the cutest belly button. One in which I have never ever had. I had no problems during recovery. It was far more pleasant than I assumed it would be. I had heard many women say that it was as bad as child labor pains. This was like a walk in the park. Only inconvenience I experienced was for the first week I couldn't really do anything myself. By day 8 and 9 I was up taking care of my daughter, driving and completely off my meds by day 4. I had lower back pain for about 2 months, which is the same I experienced from my breast enlargement. I will be going back for any of my plastic surgery needs. He made me so comfortable. I never thought I would feel this good about myself. It really is an art what he does. Thank you!!

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