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Watch a Live miraDry Procedure

Hi, I'm Dr. Greg Ratliff here at the Plastic Surgery Center of Tulsa. We're getting ready to show you a video of a new technique, a new machine that we've bought here. I've never been a big machine person. I'm not big on lasers or stuff like that. Some of the are good, some of them are not. This happens to be technology that I aboslutely believe in because I've seen it work and it works well. This is a machine called "miraDry" and miraDry uses radio frequency energy to get rid of sweat glands in your armpit. So you don't sweat, you don't smell. And also get rid of hair follicles so you don't have hair. About 90% of the hair follicles go away as well. It's a really a very very good machine a very good technique. We're going to show you how it works. Marissa is going to actually treat a patient and I'll comment as we go through.

So the very first step is marking a template on the arm pit. These templates are sized, based on body size, so that you get an entire area and it allows treatment of the right number of spots to get overlap to get all of the sweat glands, all of the hair follicles. So if you are 6 foot 2 versus 5 foot 1, we have a template that will fit and we make sure we pick the right one to treat the right area.

To make the treatment pain-free, the underarms get injected with fluid. This is the only part of this treatment that has any pain associated with it and it is actually quite minimal.

After the area is injected, we apply a stencil to show us the right number of treatment spots so that we adquately treat the area and we get the right amount of overlap.

In the actual treatment, the miraDry head pulls the tissue up with a slight suction to make sure that it doesn't shift. The energy is applied and then it is released in a precisely timed fashion. This is the longest part of the treatment. It takes about 30 minutes on each side.

After the treatment, the area is cleaned off with alcohol and ice packs are put in to help with the swelling. And that's literally all there is too it.

Alright. Well. Go forth and be sweat free is all I can say at this point! Thank you very much for volunteering for this. We appreciate it.