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What is BodyTite?

Hi, I’m Dr. Greg Ratliff and I’m here to talk about one of the many different things we have for body contouring here at the Plastic Surgery Center of Tulsa. This is a machine called BodyTite and it’s a radio frequency probe that actually creates heat in the fat under the skin. That heat is high enough that it will actually shrink the connective tissue bands that join your skin to the muscle underneath and pull it in tighter. The heat, also, when it’s applied to the bottom layer of the skin can shrink the skin about 20-24 percent, at least in the clinical studies, and so far in our use here, it’s shrunk it pretty good. Why does it matter? It matters for people that are on the borderline between whether liposuction by itself will work, because when you suck the fat out, it would be lovely if the skin would just go “snap”, but it doesn’t. You suck the fat out and the skin sags. BodyTite will shrink it so it stays smooth, so it stays a little tighter. Now, that works all areas of the body. Skin is skin. So if you got a little bit of sag on your hips, suck out the fat, tighten it up a little bit, it’s not going to be any tighter because we made it looser and then tightened it up. But you won’t dangle. You won’t sag.

Interestingly, this technique, this procedure, this machine has a second probe that is shorter, smaller that can be used on the face. FaceTite. Gee, great marketing names from the company, BodyTite, FaceTite. FaceTite will tighten skin from her down. All the way down to your collar bone. Who is that good for? People who aren’t ready for a facelift. Just clearly they aren’t loose enough, it’s too big a surgery, it’s too much risk, it’s too big a scar, all reasons not to have a facelift. But you want to get a little tighter. This will tighten the skin on your cheek and neck to the point where you can put off having a facelift for another five to seven years, assuming you ever do a facelift. But, it’s something you can do with very little downtime. FaceTite is done through three small probes, or three small holes. One here, one here and one here. And the size of the probe going in that hole is the size of the lead in a number 2 pencil. Very small. These holes are so small I don’t even put stiches in them because they seal up without anything else, without anything being done to them.

So, it’s a procedure the kind of fits for people that aren’t far gone enough to need a facelift, but want to do something because the age monster jumped on you and you don’t like it. It’s OK. So, if you want to know more about it, come on in and see us. 918-712-0888. for the website. Thanks.