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Somebody tell me about Gummy Bear implants

Anytime breast implants come up, the word, “gummy,” ends up in the conversation. The “gummy bear” implant. The simple reality is that “gummy bear” refers to a cohesive gel implant.

Cohesive gel is what all the current implants are filled with, and it’s a gel that sticks to itself. If you cut an implant in half, you have two halves of an implant. You don’t have runny silicone like was in the first or second generation breast implants.

Now, the level of cohesiveness varies. There are highly cohesive and there are lesser cohesive gels, but the highly cohesive gels are what are called, “form stable,” and they are the ones that actually maintain their shape. When you hold it up, it’s shaped like a breast, when you lay it down, it’s shaped like a breast. That’s really good for reconstructive work, for somebody who has no breast shape. It’s not quite as good for somebody that already has a breast shape and when you put that in you tend to get more of a “cowboy boot” look to where it really pokes out at the bottom.

There’s no right or wrong. The breadth of choice right now in breast implants is hugely greater than it’s ever been. And so, when you sit down with a plastic surgeon, ask what’s going to be used. But, be aware that there’s a lot of choice.